About Georgia

Georgia - Country Overview

  • Population – 4,4 million  
  • GDP Growth 2011 – 7%
  • GDP Per capita PPP – USD 5,430
  • Strategic geographic location on the crossroads of Europe and Asia
  • 2011 - “World’s Top Reformer Over the Past 5 Years”, World Bank & IFC Doing Business Report
  • 2011 – Ranked 16th out of 183 economies in “Ease of doing Business”, World Bank & IFC Doing Business Report
  • 2010 - Number One in the world in terms of decrease of the level of corruption, Global Corruption Barometer
  • 4th friendliest Tax regimes globally, by “The Forbes Tax Misery & Reform Index”
  • Record number of tourists in 2011 (2.8 million)
  • Strong support from IFIs, US and EU 2.5bn already disbursed out of 4.5bn Brussels pledge
  • Strong political support of NATO, US, EU, UN and member of World Trade Organisation since 2000
  • Rapidly developing economy, uptrend inflow of foreign direct investments, investor-friendly economic and legislative environment are some of the reasons why international clients choose to invest in Georgia.