About Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia Highlights

  • S&P Maalot has rated Bank of Georgia ilA in February 2012
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange (Primary Listing)
  • Bank of Georgia is Georgia’s leading universal bank, providing a wide range of retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management, insurance, trade finance, leasing, brokerage and card processing services
  • Bank of Georgia is No.1 in Georgia by assets -36%, gross loans -34% , client deposits -36% and equity -35%
  • Experienced management with deep understanding of the local market and track record
  • Disciplined capital management, conservative liquidity position, no exposure to sub-prime
  • High BIS CAR: Sector Average – 21%, Bank of Georgia –28.5%
  • High level of liquidity requirements from NBG at 30% of Liabilities, Bank of Georgia 34.8%
  • Low Leverage in the banking sector: Sector Average –  4.2x, Bank of Georgia – 4.7x
  • Bank offers the broadest range of financial products to the retail market through a branch network  (158) three times the size of the nearest competitor, largest ATM network
  • Subsidiaries in UK and Israel, with rep office in Eastern Europe coming soon
  • Over one million retail and corporate clients
  • Market Cap (LSE) over US$ 587 mln as of March 23, 2012
  • The only Georgian entity with credit ratings from three global rating agencies
  • Bank of Georgia gives the opportunity to international clients to invest in Georgia and to benefit from all advantages that the bank and the local economy have to offer.
  • Since 2009 Bank of Georgia has Institutional and private clients from Israel that have positive experience with the bank

Ownership Structure as of February 29, 2012

Over 100 Institutional accounts 85.5%
IFC 5.5%
EBRD 5.5%
Management and Employees 3.5%


Bank of Georgia Financial Summary consolidated (IFRS Based)

USD mln 2011 2010 YOY Growth
Total Assets  2,794 2,259 23.7%
Client Deposits  1,524 1,017 49.9%
Net Loans  1,578 1,241 27.1%
Shareholder’s Equity  487 391 24.4%
Book Value Per Share  15.62 12.54  
Tier I CAR (BIS)  19.9% 17.5%  
Total CAR(BIS)  28.5% 26.6%  
Book Value Per Share  15.62 12.54  
ROAE %  20.4% 13.5%  




Ratings as of April 22, 2012

S&P Maalot, Israel ilA, Stable
S&P BB-, Stable
Fitch BB-, Stable
Moody's Ba3